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BBRS Internship Opportunities

Bristol Bay Resource Solutions offers internships through our multiple service lines. Our internship programs are based around the administrative core of any business: Accounting, Contract Administrative Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Marketing and Communications.

The opportunity to get hands-on, professional mentoring from seasoned professionals creates a stronger and more reliable workforce. This in turn builds better business and results in generous returns for all. In addition, interns acquire an understanding of what is expected of them in a professional corporate culture, as well as working within a subsidiary of an Alaska Native Corporation.

For information about BBRS internship opportunities, contact:

BBRS Human Resources

Rachelle’s Last Day of her 2015 BBRS Internship

My internship this summer at Bristol Bay Resource Solutions’ Marketing and Communications Department has been a wonderful experience. I have learned what it is like to work in communications, what it takes to excel and why media is so powerful. I enjoyed the people, stayed busy and had the opportunity to grow professionally. I’ll return to the University of Alaska Anchorage, and the experience gained during my internship will guide me and bring me closer to my dream job. Thank you BBRS for being a part of my learning journey.


Rachelle Griffitts Info Card

Rachelle Griffitts, BBRS' Marketing and Communications Intern, discusses her cultural upbringing and family roots in this quick look at Ekwok, Alaska. 

Rachelle is currently in Ekwok, participating in her native subsistence fishing activities for the next few weeks. Her family puts up fish during the salmon runs on the Nushagak River, a main waterway throughout the center of the Bristol Bay region.

Good luck, Rachelle!


Rachelle's Trip Home to Ekwok, Alaska

 I belong to the Fred and Mary Hurley family of Ekwok. My daughter and I will be going home for four weeks to catch King Salmon on the Nushagak, and split, dry, smoke and bag them. We look forward to our time there. While visiting we will take Maqis (traditional steam baths) to relieve sore muscles after a day of work, socialize with family, ride four-wheelers, and eat Native foods. Native food is very good for our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing. We can “heal with the land,” which is amazing. Thank you to God for providing for us and letting us go enjoy the summer, and thank you to BBRS for supporting our subsistence lifestyle.

Coming soon, posts with pics of us enjoying Ekwok village life!


Seven Reasons to be a BBRS Intern

BBRS has participated in the BBNC Internship Program for three years. The company has four interns working in various departments. There are many departments and career fields to choose from. Here are seven good reasons for you, your friends, or family to become a BBRS intern.

1) You can put it on your resume! People who take the initiative to gain valuable experience in a professional environment stand out to employers more than those who do not.

2) If you are a student, staying busy during the summer will help you maintain a schedule while out of class.

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