What makes a great employer?

By Elizabeth Hansen
BBRS Human Resources

It takes a conscious effort to build and maintain a workplace where every employee feels like a star. Pay, benefits and perks are only part of what employees are looking for. The foundation of a great workplace lies in a culture of trust and engagement that unites management and the workforce with a common vision. 

What makes a culture great? A number of organizations have compiled a list of exceptional employers, and there was an obvious, common theme with their approaches. Key among them were trust and engagement.

As with any relationship, trust goes both ways. Employees need to trust in their leaders to make the right decisions for the company, including for its people, while leaders need to trust employees to put the company’s needs first as they interact with customers, vendors and partners. 

Concepts like trust and engagement may sound touchy-feely, but they contribute to tangible results. Engaged employees are more likely to be better performers. 

What are characteristics of a great workplace?

1. Trust

  • Employees trust executives to lead a healthy, dynamic and growing company that looks out for its people.
  • Leaders trust workers to be advocates who will make decisions that support both the business and its customers.

2. Engagement

  • Employees of great companies are invested in both the business and the organization.
  • They see themselves as being part of a greater mission, something that goes beyond simple revenue and profits.

3. Transparency

  • Leaders are open about problems the business faces, as well as its successes.
  • They seek feedback on issues ranging from financial questions to operational challenges.

4. Communication

  • Communication is constant.
  • The company regularly seeks feedback on its culture and practices.

5.  Intention

  • Great cultures begin with the vision of a passionate advocate.
  • They require the continual attention of everyone, from the CEO to the line workers.

Here at BBRS, I think we have a good work culture. While there is always room for improvement, our leaders trust their employees to be advocates for the company and our employees trust our leaders to grow the company while also watching out for its people. BBRS is constantly looking for efficiencies and seeking employee’s assistance finding them. We also do surveys to seek feedback and that only works if you’re honest and participate. Lastly, just remember, it takes all of us to make a great work place. 

Source: HR Magazine, June 2015.


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