Automated onboarding saves time, boosts productivity


A strong onboarding program starts employees off on a positive note, showing new hires they are valued members of the organization, ultimately reducing employee turnover. That’s important when you consider that replacing an entry-level employee costs businesses 30 percent to 50 percent of the person’s annual salary; higher for mid- and senior-level executives.

In traditional onboarding methods, employees show up for their first day, and promptly receive a stack of forms to fill out and benefits information to review. They may or may not have an orientation period to introduce them to the company culture and procedures.

HR meanwhile, spends several hours welcoming each new employee: preparing the new hire packets; reviewing handwritten paperwork and clarifying illegible or missing information; triggering other departments such as payroll into action; and introducing the new hire to coworkers, etc.

There is a more efficient, cost-effective alternative. Automated onboarding, such as BBRS’ RedCarpet portal, is a secure, web-based site that allows new hires to complete all their paperwork, plus immerse themselves in the corporate culture, and review training and orientation materials – all before their first day on the job.

HR enters the new person into RedCarpet, and other administrators, such as payroll, supervisors, and health and safety, receive an email to log on to the system so they can do their part. Current employees save hours of time for each new employee, allowing them to be more productive in their day-to-day work.

Studies show that automating onboarding tasks results in 16 percent higher retention rates for new hires, and results in 18 percent greater achievement of the employee’s first performance goals.

Automated onboarding efforts pay for themselves in time saved, as well as in greater efficiencies and productivity for both current and new employees. New hires also benefit from a consistent onboarding program.

It may be used for new hires, rehires, part-time/temporary, or employees gained through mergers or acquisitions.

Most automated onboarding programs are fully customizable, and meet government regulations. BBRS can help design onboarding systems to include information, videos and photos to introduce new employees to your company. BBRS also helps with troubleshooting and routine maintenance to ensure all documentation is up to date.

BBRS also hosts a shared portal that may be utilized by multiple subsidiaries of Bristol Bay Native Corporation. The more subsidiaries that join, the greater the savings for all.



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