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Corporate Training Initiatives

BBRS’ Human Resources Department provides Bristol Bay Native Corporation subsidiaries required training for managers and their employees. Courses include ethics and business conduct, harassment avoidance and a module on Alaska Native culture.

See more about the corporate training initiative in our Summer 2015 Insights newsletter.



401(k) Knowledge

Last month’s stock market fluctuation again prompted concerns about sinking 401(k) balances. Stay calm and educate yourself! Check out BBRS’ “How does my 401(k) work?


Communication Tricks

Ever spend extra time working on every detail of an email, only to get no response? Check out these five tricks to sending emails that people respond to. For more help, see our Bullseye Communications Model, an eight-step guide to help you fully develop any form of communications. 

Every Tweet Counts!

You can help #BristolBayFishFirst go viral.

President Obama visited the Bristol Bay region last week, and learned much about Alaska’s salmon runs, and the importance to the state’s economy as well as to the cultural and subsistence traditions of Alaska Natives.

The President returned to Washington, D.C., but you can help keep the Bristol Bay Fish First hashtag front and center in the minds of Congressional leaders. See the BBNC Blog for information and some tweet ideas.

Learn more about the Bristol Bay region, see the regional guide, a pocket-sized booklet designed to help Obama and his administration obtain a better understanding of the area.


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